Below are links to academic journal articles, book chapters and other publications that I have written for a scholarly audience.

Published and Forthcoming Articles

Chapters and Other Publications

Working Papers

  • Marquis, Christopher, Yuhuan Liu and Runtian Jing. “Political Position and Firms’ Defiance of Governmental Mandates in China.”
  • Marquis, Christopher and Kunyuan Qiao. “Resource Scarcity Imprinting and Resource Use: A Study of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs” Under Review.
  • Marquis, Christopher and Kunyuan Qiao. “Unraveling How History Matters: Path Dependence or Imprinting?”
  • Qian, Cuili, Christopher Marquis, Deqiu Chen, Oliver Rui and Yunsen Chen. “Visits of Government Officials, Resource Acquisition, and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Chinese Publicly Listed Firms”