15 October

B Local Illinois Virtual Discussion

B Local Illinois will host a virtual discussion with Christopher Marquis, author of Better Business: How the B Corp Movement is Remaking Capitalism. For an invite, subscribe to their newsletter.
14 October

Big Ideas Speaker Series at Rotman Livestream - Christopher Marquis

Christopher Marquis on "Better Business: How the B Corp Movement Is Remaking Capitalism"
23 September

Twin Cities Startup Week

Building a B Corp: A Panel Discussion
22 September

Elders Climate Network National Call

Action Though Our Dollars: Exploring B Corporations with Special Guest Speakers Dr. Ellonda L. Williams & Christoper Marquis.
14 September

It's Time to Redefine 'Business as Usual': Exploring Stakeholder Capitalism

The concept of shareholder primacy, that a business's only role is to create the best possible financial returns for shareholders, directors and investors, has led to such a narrow focus of business directors and investors that all other stakeholders — workers, communities, the environment — who are impacted by a business's operations are not considered. This system design flaw has created a multitude of social and environmental issues around the globe, but there are potential fixes currently gaining traction that could serve as a better way forward. This session will take a look at how we got here, define key terms, and look at stakeholder capitalism in action with this panel of experts and practitioners.
09 July

Profits with Purpose

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business faculty members Christopher Marquis (Johnson Graduate School of Management) and Amy Newman (School of Hotel Administration and Dyson Grand Challenges) in their conversation with Fred Keller, founder and Chairman of Cascade Engineering, discussing stakeholder-focused business practices.
18 May

MO Summit 2020

Cancelled due to travel restrictions
12 May

2020 Frontiers of Social Innovation

Cancelled due to travel restrictions